Performance is an introduction to the meditative experience, taking place simultaneously for the recipient in reality as well as in virtual reality. Through the objects that will be found in real space, with the help of Vive Tracker sensors, there will be built interpretations of the mushroom forms, from which will be constructed the figure of the performer. Based on objects and 3D scans, music and a monologue from hip hop piece, the experience will be a space open to interact with the performer and intervention in the surroundings in real time, without the use of controllers.

vr performance | 6 dof | 360 audio | vive trackers
programming support: Andrei Isakov| interactive audio support: Przemysław Danowski
vr capture support: Piotr Szatyłowicz | documentation: Jakub Wróblewski
performance was presented at the exhibition Death in vr as the opening of the Dream adoption society gallery at the Teatr powszechny 31|10|2019